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Why is the Seattle seawall part of a “River Talk” blog?

December 16, 2009Patrick NunnallyRiver MeaningComments Off on Why is the Seattle seawall part of a “River Talk” blog?

Readers of this blog know that it just started a month ago, even though the program and issues we work with are of much longer standing. As I’ve learned more about digital communications and blogging, I’ve been trying to read some more blogs by other people. As I’ve been learning more about riverfronts, I’ve been discovering places where broader waterfront planning and design are and are not comparable.

A convergence of these threads had led me to Cristina Bump’s AIA Scholarship Blog  I met Cristina last fall at the Waterfront Center’s annual conference in Seattle. She told me about her AIA scholarship trip to Australia, examining the Sydney waterfront as well as waterfronts in Brisbane and Melbourne. Her blog contains detailed and vivid information about the state of the art in these various places.

There are of course important differences between riverfronts per se and the more general topic of waterfronts. That said, there’s a lot to learn for riverfront sustainability from what people like Cristina Bump and her interview subjects are discovering, whether in the Pacific Northwest in the United States or across Australia. Digital communications, such as Cristina’s work, and, as it builds, this forum, provide ways to stay current on emerging discoveries, research, and practices for riverfront sustainability. It may be comfortable to wait for publication of key case studies, analyses, and research reports, but 21st century problems and solutions are requiring 21st century communication technologies to spread the word.


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