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From the “Land of Sky-blue Waters”: the Freshwater Society

June 24, 2010Patrick NunnallyRivers, UncategorizedComments Off on From the “Land of Sky-blue Waters”: the Freshwater Society

It’s appropriate that Minnesota should be the home of the Freshwater Society.  Lots of people know of Minnesota’s “Land of 10,000 Lakes” slogan.  Fewer know that Minnesota has over 93,000 miles of streams and rivers.  Lakes and rivers are key to the self-image of many people in the state.  And those lakes and rivers will be here forever, unimpaired for enjoyment of future generations.


Or will they?  It’s quite true that Minnesota is well-watered at the present, but there’s a growing awareness that without remedial action and increased stewardship, this fortunate circumstance will not last for long.


A key research and advocacy voice for freshwater in the state and around the world, the Freshwater Society was formed in 1968.  Through rich programs and publications, the Freshwater Society promotes the “conservation, protection, and restoration of all freshwater resources.”  It is working with other regional organizations to raise awareness of freshwater issues through a series of “2010–the Year of Water Projects.”


The 1970s bioregional adage “think globally, act locally” applies to the Freshwater Society’s work on both fronts.  The local programming and partnerships it offers are balanced by a weekly blog digest of important news from a regional, national, and international perspective.  This is a great link to some of the most important large-scale practices, policies and programmatic developments in water conservation. 


One word of warning, though:  if you get to the blog from the Freshwater Society main page, it is easy to navigate back.  But you are set to get the blog from an RSS feed, like I do, then you can’t get to the Society’s web platform.  Just one of those little tricks as we all learn better to navigate the cyber world!

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