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All Rivers End Up Somewhere

July 13, 2010Patrick NunnallyProgram & Announcements, Rivers, UncategorizedComments Off on All Rivers End Up Somewhere

Well, duh, right?

Of course, rivers end up either at a juncture with another river, at a lake, or at the ocean. 

The reason I bring up this obvious point is the appearance in my email this morning of the latest edition of the NOAA Restoration Atlas, a map of projects sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that are establishing and restoring habitat in significant coastal areas around the United States.

In many of these instances, of course, a river is a key component of the hydrologic regime that creates that particular ecosystem.  So all of us “river rats” should be checking atlases and web sites such as these to learn what else is going on to enhance sustainability along the full lengths of our rivers, even out to their connections with the ocean. We’re particularly interested in the projects at/near the mouth of the Mississippi, in the Gulf of Mexico, but there are hundreds of other important projects included.

Besides just the array of work shown, there are likely partners, collaborators, and project ideas contained here.  The atlas is pretty user-friendly and captures issues of scale well through the zoom tool that allows users to move between global, regional, and highly specific perspectives.

As we work to get our River Atlas up and running this fall, there’s a lot we can learn from this particular tool!


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