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International Rivers: Dams as Human Rights Issues

July 8, 2010Patrick NunnallyProgram & Announcements, Rivers, UncategorizedComments Off on International Rivers: Dams as Human Rights Issues

I guess there may be subjects as varied as the plethora of particularities that come under the heading “rivers,” but I don’t know of one.  (But then, I don’t know about much of anything except rivers, so that probably isn’t a very profound statement.  But enough of that…)


I’ve written recently about rivers and urban planning, about urban rivers and creativity, but there’s a completely different scale and set of issues associated with the large dams that alter river flows and people’s lives across so much of the world, particularly in the developing world.  Those subjects are the focus of International Rivers.


This is an incredibly rich and powerful web site, full of video and audio testimony concerning the power of dams and their destructive consequences.  The connections between rivers, water access/water security, and the basic human rights of individuals and small communities are very powerfully drawn here.


I won’t say any more right now, but will encourage you to go and explore the site.  Give yourself time though; there’s a lot to learn here.  Of particular note are documents pertaining to the World Commission on Dams and upcoming efforts to assess its impact 10 years later.


Speaking more locally, we will be part of a group putting on a conference in Minneapolis in November “Experiments on Rivers:  the Consequences of Dams,” which will explore some issues that International Rivers has worked so hard on.  Stay tuned for more on that event as the time draws closer.

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