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At the Mouth of the Mississippi, Islands in the Gulf

January 4, 2011Patrick NunnallyRiversComments Off on At the Mouth of the Mississippi, Islands in the Gulf

I may have mentioned that I have a “Google Alert” set for “Mississippi River.”  So I get all kinds of stuff:  bass fishing tournaments and sightings of carp, drownings and vacation photos.  The whole gamut of human experience here on the Mississippi.

But I saw something the other day that was at once both intriguing and bothersome.

A blog site Science Latest News got picked up by the Google crawl with a story on island formation and cutting in the Gulf of Mexico near the mouth of the Mississippi.  “Cool,” I thought, and a good way to remind us all of the close connections between the Mississippi and the Gulf. (Note from Joanne: We have removed the original link listed in this article that points to the Science Latest News feed aggregator due to concerns that the site may be vulnerable to a malware attack. The article mentioned, Troubled Islands: Hurricanes, Oil Spill and Sea Level Rise, is also available at Science Daily. We have removed the original link because of our doubts regarding its safety. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know by commenting below, or by e-mailing Pat or Joanne.)

But I chased a little to the original source of the piece, which came from something called “” which aggregates information from a variety of scientific disciplines and puts them out for “educated non-specialists.”

My question, given the controversies about scientific investigations and reporting that have erupted recently (we all remember the “Troubled Waters” controversy, right?) is:  is this site legit?  How can we nonscientists tell?  There has to be some way other than just to read a lot of web sites and see what commonalities there are.

Can anyone provide a lead here? “Intelligent Non-specialists Guide to Science on the Web?” Please let me know so I can forward the info and use it to make better reports on this site!

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