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“Visionary” Visions of the Upper Mississippi Riverfront in Minneapolis

January 31, 2011Patrick NunnallyRiversComments Off on “Visionary” Visions of the Upper Mississippi Riverfront in Minneapolis

I have written before about the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition and the “Next Generation of Parks” that the competition is seeking for the upper riverfront, above St. Anthony Falls. The four teams unveiled their proposals last Thursday evening at the Walker Art Center, and they are simply spectacular.

The competition web site has links to the proposals, videos that each team created, and a place to collect comments. Unlike the comments that accrue to online newspaper stories (don’t those people have anything else to do other than vent bad-tempered ignorance?) the comments on the design proposals appear to be quite good. I’ve just glanced at them, but there appears to be considerable reflection and analysis taking place, which is always good.

I intend to write about each of the proposals in the next few days, and to take up some other particularly interesting questions about the process. But in the meantime, by all means I encourage you to go to the site, study the proposals and make your comments.

After all, it’s only the next century or so on the river front that we’re talking about!

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