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St. Paul Riverfront Corporation: Moving Forward in a New Riverfront Era

February 16, 2011Patrick NunnallyUncategorizedComments Off on St. Paul Riverfront Corporation: Moving Forward in a New Riverfront Era

The St. Paul Riverfront Corporation has been at the forefront of riverfront progress in the “capital city on the Mississippi” for the past 15 years or more.  The annual “town dinner” that they throw each May, now called the Great River Gathering, has long served as a touchstone for new ideas and celebration of community achievements.  Other notable substantial contributions (and I’m sure I’ll miss some!) include:

  • Convening and executing the “Grand Excursion of 2004” as a regional urban Mississippi River showcase
  • Assistance with redevelopment of Harriet Island Regional Park that accelerated the project by perhaps as much as a decade
  • Most of the “heavy lifting” to bring the Upper Landing mixed use development to life
  • Convening community meetings to bring a vision of the “National Great River Park” into focus
All in all, enough pivotal work to make any organization proud.
Now, with community development in St. Paul at a turning point with the incipient development of light rail transit and potential redevelopment of dozens of blocks in the riverfront precincts, the Riverfront Corporation has announced a focus on “Stimulating economic and community development through urban design.”
This move is to be celebrated, building as it does on the Riverfront Corporation’s longstanding role as steward and champion of the St. Paul on the Mississippi Development Framework.
The folks in St. Paul figured out the connections between good riverfront design and good urban design a long time ago–it’s great to see that insight get more emphasis!

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