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Flood Updating and What You Can Expect from Us

May 23, 2011Patrick NunnallyUncategorizedComments Off on Flood Updating and What You Can Expect from Us

As most of you probably know, the crest of the Mississippi River flood moves inexorably south.  Water isn’t filling the Morganza spillway as rapidly as expected/feared; the river is closed, then reopened depending on specific water conditions; we all wait for the crest to get to New Orleans (expected next week).

It seems that coverage of the flood is in a bit of a “lull” period, with increasing analyses of various aspects of the ongoing emergency.  So what can I recommend if you want to keep up with the situation, but don’t have lots and lots of time?

Our web site’s flood page will continue to be updated every week as new resources come to our attention.  The site is also a good portal to what we’re posting on the River Life Facebook site under the name RiverLifeUMN.  If you “like” us, you can get direct notices of our updates, which will normally include reposts of some of the more thoughtful discussions from the day.

If you prefer to go to some of the better coverage of the flood, I recommend the following: is the online arm of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  The Environment section has steady, good coverage.

The Wall Street Journal has been offering insightful views also, along with informative infographics and multimedia.  Some of the content is behind a pay wall, though.  Search “Mississippi River” from the home page.

The national edition of the Washington Post often has good coverage, most often under the “Energy and Environment” section on the home page.

I think we’ve reported already that a number of bloggers are finding the coverage from the New York Times sadly lacking in its scientific rigor and analysis.  So I won’t link to that source.

Going forward, our blog posts will increasingly be confined to more analytical pieces on a specific aspect of the flood issue.  Of course, if there’s a major change, we’ll bring that to your attention, but for day to day “here’s what’s happening” the above sources are better than what we’d have.

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