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Multiple Platforms for Flood Coverage

May 6, 2011Patrick NunnallyUncategorizedComments Off on Multiple Platforms for Flood Coverage

I hope you’ll forgive me if this is repetitious, but after all, it’s the end of the school year with all of the attendant student-oriented work, plus the flood stories are gaining momentum (much like the flood itself, as it rolls toward Memphis).

The River Life Program’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, both accessible by searching for us at RiverLifeUMN are both sources of information that our scanning and web research has led us to and that we think has some enduring value and interest.  This blog is more reflective, more “authored” than the Facebook entries, which likely have just a link and a couple of sentences about why we think the link has value.  Twitter, of course, is even less mediated.  On the other hand, Twitter is much more “polyvocal;”  reading this afternoon’s calls for volunteers to sandbag in Memphis (where they DON’T have to do this every year!) gave a real sense of immediacy to the emerging crisis in the Delta.
The floods this year are likely to be events talked about years, if not decades, hence.  It used to be said that newspapers (remember those?) were the “rough drafts of history.”  There are certainly rough drafts of history being written hourly now; find them on Twitter by following us at @RiverLifeUMN, or search on Twitter (” for items under topics such as #memflood or #msriver.
And, as always, share what you find!


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