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The Carp Are Coming! (and may be already here)

August 15, 2011Patrick NunnallyUncategorizedComments Off on The Carp Are Coming! (and may be already here)

Last week, the Minnesota DNR held a press conference announcing the results of studies in the St. Croix and Upper Mississippi Rivers, searching for evidence of the presence of Asian carp.  The destructive aquatic invasive species have been moving up the Mississippi steadily, wreaking ecological havoc wherever they have gained a firm position in the ecosystem.

The bad news is that eDNA studies established pretty conclusively that carp are in the St. Croix.  Tests in Pool 2 of the Upper Miss (the river through St. Paul) were negative.  Nevertheless, the National Park Service Mississippi National River has unveiled an Asian Carp Action Plan.

Not coincidentally, the University of Minnesota News Service posted an article about a U of M scientist whose work on carp may be key to slowing or stopping their advance.  Fisheries professor Peter Sorensen has been consulting with NPS staff concerning the carp issue.

A case can be made that stopping carp from invading the national park is key to sustainable river development in the Twin Cities.  What do you think?  Where do carp rank in your mind in terms of the resource management issues facing this urban river park?

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