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The River Life Atlas

August 9, 2011Joanne RichardsonFormer Featured Posts, UncategorizedComments Off on The River Life Atlas

Just as rivers cut across countries, boundaries, disciplines, practices and fields of knowledge, our River Atlas will contain information about rivers all over the world. The River Atlas is organized into a series of curated collections associated with the work and projects of River Life and our partners.

River Atlas
Our eponymous collection is an atlas of the people, places, and projects of significance on our home river and around the world. We explore the question of what is the good information out there, who is doing the work, and why?

River Data
Where are the great rivers of the world? Where are the watershed boundaries? Getting the details right is the foundation of great river work.

River Floods
Floods are a normal part of the the river’s annual cycle. How do these floods affect people and cities? How are we responding, and can we change what we do to minimize future impacts?

River Rangers
The next generation of river leaders will need to be knowledgeable in river science, planning, design, management of river-related places, and in engagement with river communities and populations. River Rangers are university students who are making the Mississippi River a substantial part of their curriculum, career development, and university experience.

River Stories
River Stories explores “the stories you need to know to understand the river in this place.” River Stories is where we explore inspiration, meaning, and understanding on the river.

River Talk
The River Talk blog is the voice of the program and discusses the wide variety of issues that effect rivers and sustainable cities.


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