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River City Revue: How the Big River Should be Celebrated!

July 13, 2012Patrick NunnallyProgram & AnnouncementsComments Off on River City Revue: How the Big River Should be Celebrated!

Art, science, history, & adventure aboard the Jonathan Padelford Riverboat afloat on the Mississippi River

The Mississippi is, of course, a mighty big river, and it’s hard to get your head around the multiple ways of knowing it.  We know a lot about the river through scientific investigations (but need to learn much more!) and it’s fair to say that the river is perhaps the most-managed body of water in North America, what with the oversight of a laundry list of federal agencies, plus state and local authorities.

But our stories of the river too often stop at Mark Twain.  Or our emotional attachment to the river is personal, the sort of thing that forms our individual selves, but that doesn’t give us a collective story or image.

Here’s where the Mississippi River Fund and its partners come in.  The Fund is sponsoring a set of three “River City Revue” events this summer in St. Paul, the first of which is happening Wednesday July 18th.  This first one “Drinking the River” takes up something we all (here in the Twin Cities at least) take for granted and probably shouldn’t.  The program and registration page offers many more details.  Honestly, the $10 ticket price is a steal–get them while they last!

I mentioned “partners” earlier.  The “production partner” if you will, is Works Progress, a well-known arts and community-building collaborative in the Twin Cities.  If they’re involved, the evening will be entertaining and thought-provoking!  The event will take place on one of the Padelford packet boats.  The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area is the National Park Service unit focusing on the stories and resources of the Mississippi River.

See you at the Revue!

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