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Urban Canoeing?

June 5, 2013Joanne RichardsonFormer Featured PostsComments Off on Urban Canoeing?
Featuring Wilderness Inquiry's handmade, ten-person voyageur canoes.

Featuring Wilderness Inquiry’s handmade, ten-person voyageur canoes.

A couple of weeks ago I had the very good fortune to be able to go canoeing for an afternoon! I work on the river and river issues every day, but I only rarely get to go down and actually experience the river first-hand, never mind the fun of canoeing at the bottom of the only gorge on the entire Mississippi River.  The thing I constantly forget from my frequent gorge-top view, is that the river isn’t a long lake.  It flows, and it flows fast.  The river was in the waning stages of the spring pulse, and I admit flutters of concern as I stood on the bank, looking at the foamy torrent and anticipating fighting my way upstream with not much more than a wide stick and a few friends.

The UWCA’s goal is to introduce people to the myriad of recreation options right in the heart of the city.  You don’t need to go to the Boundary Waters Canoe area to go canoeing, you don’t need to go to Lake Superior to go camping!  They put on day programs and overnight programs with their fleet of handmade, wooden Voyageur Canoes.  They also have seemingly well-trained wildlife who appear at opportune moments; Bald Eagles and Blue Herons particularly.

The event was the annual Partner Paddle put on in honor of the Urban Wilderness Canoe Adventures (UWCA), a project of Wilderness Inquiry, the National Park Service, Mississippi River Fund, and many others.  It was wonderful to see so many good friends and new colleagues all joining together, enjoying the resource that we’re all working so hard to protect.  Have you been out on the river yet this season?


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