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Let’s Not Overlook A Key Fact: Clean Water is Vital to the US Economy

November 26, 2013Patrick NunnallyRivers1

Those of us who think about water for a living can pretty easily find ourselves lamenting the lack of interest or insight from “everybody else” who doesn’t “get it.” (Whatever “it” is, whether it’s the importance of a particular river, the value of wetlands, the necessity of understanding urban stormwater, etc.)  At least here in the Upper Midwest, we don’t live in a very “hydroliterate” society, at least not yet.

Earlier this month, I was a bit taken aback, then, by a stream of information and links from the US EPA on the importance of water to the US economy.  As is the case for most of us with water, the economy is mostly “just there,” notable when it’s going too fast or too slow, just like we only notice water in floods or drought.

But the EPA has a large body of important information, starting with a report spelling out the importance of clean water to our economy.  Once again, it’s always salutary to spell out in detail what we think “everybody knows.”

Accompanying the report, the agency released a statement from Nancy Stoner, the Acting Assistant Administrator in charge of the Office of Water. The agency has also published a good primer on the effects of climate change on water resources.

This is a short work week for many of us, so between spending time with family, shopping, eating and watching football, there should be plenty of time to read up on all of this vital information.

Yes, this will be on the final!




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One Comment

  1. Annette Anderson, 1 Mississippi Outreach CoordinatorNovember 26, 2013 at 9:58 am

    Thank you for sharing this report. I can’t wait to eat some pumpkin pie and digest some new info about water and our economy.

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