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River Rangers Officers: We Want You Too!

December 2, 2013Reba JuettenEvents, Guest PostsComments Off on River Rangers Officers: We Want You Too!

We, the officers, would love to let you know a bit about ourselves!  We’re students whose studies span the University, and we’d love for you to get involved as officers for River Rangers too!  Hopefully, by reading our profiles, other students will see where they might fit in the future!

Reba Juetten, President DSCN5386

Reba’s love for the Mississippi River began as a middle school student at a Science Museum of Minnesota camp about the Mississippi.  Upon coming to the U of M, she knew she had to get involved with the River right away and joined River Rangers and enrolled in a class about the River right away.  The professor, Pat Nunnally, just happened to be the staff advisor to River Rangers, and he got Reba even more involved, asking her to act as treasurer during her sophomore year.  Junior year led her to take over in the President role, where she is enthusiastic about growing the club and sharing the Mississippi River with everyone on campus.

Outside of RIver Rangers, Reba is an honors student studying both Plant Biology and Religious Studies.  Currently, she is working on research on improving biology labs for non-majors using hydroponic plants.  In the past, she has done research on an organic hydroponic salad table, the bacteria of the Headwaters of the Mississippi, plant diversity at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve LTER, and Irish potatoes in Cork, IE.  She also likes to volunteer her time to teach science and other subjects to younger students and give tours of the U of M.  When Reba graduates, she hopes to continue studying plant ecology in graduate school, focusing on moss ecology or urban plant communities.

Liz Lien, Vice PresidentScreen Shot 2013-02-03 at 3.18.10 PM

Since seeing the beautiful view of the river out of her dorm room window for the first time, Liz has felt attached to the Mississippi River. She loves living next to the river because it offers the opportunity to briefly escape from the urban setting and there’s always something new to explore.

Liz was first introduced to the organization River Rangers through her roommate, Reba, the current President of River Rangers. She became committed to the organization due to its inspiring dedication to promoting awareness of the river and the opportunities for recreation. The group also introduced her to a possible new career path- working for the National Park Service.

Liz is currently a junior in the honors program, studying Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering with an Emphasis in Environmental and Ecological Engineering. She is also pursuing a minor in Sustainability Studies.  She is currently working as an intern for Environment America. She will soon start an internship studying ecosystem services along side the National Park Service as part of the University of Minnesota’s River Life Program. She also plans on researching wastewater pollution with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Besides being the Vice President of River Rangers, Liz is the Vice President of the Headwaters Ecology Club and is involved in many other environmental student organizations.  Her career goal is to have a job which allows her to spend time in nature while increasing environmental awareness and sustainability.

Ellen Folman, Events Coordinator DSCN0117 (EDITED)

Ellen is an Environmental Science, Policy and Management senior focusing on Environmental Education at the University of Minnesota. Upon graduation in the Spring of 2014, she hopes to work as an Interpretive Park Ranger with the National Park Service.   She is originally from Duluth, MN and loves being out on the water in any kind of boat, canoe or kayak!  Ellen also enjoys camping, hiking and exploring in Minnesota State Parks with friends. Through River Rangers, she hopes to work with other students to learn about the Mississippi River through a variety of service, recreational and career building events.





John Krause, SecretaryJohn

Hailing from Wisconsin, John’s love for the outdoors was ignited early through routine camping trips with his family and growing up in rural environments.  It is only natural to him that he now finds himself studying Environmental Science, Policy, and Management with a concentration in environmental science here at the U.  He became involved with River Rangers last year, his sophomore year, because the club appealed to his love for the environment and outdoor exploration.  His interests within environmental science are forest resources, hydrology, and climatology. John would like to further his education within the natural sciences such that he can work as a member of a research team, preferably studying climate change and its effects.


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