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What’s The Best Way to learn About Water?

December 13, 2013Patrick NunnallyRiver MeaningComments Off on What’s The Best Way to learn About Water?

Maybe it’s just me, but as water seems to be a subject of increasing concern, and the complexity of the subjects associated with “water” grows, there’s is a real need for sources of good information.

The USGS has just taken a major step toward meeting that need with the publication of a fact sheet that amounts to a digest of web sites that the agency maintains containing a wealth of water data.  I’m not a scientist, so I fear some (most?) of this information will be completely over my head.  Nevertheless, it will be good to have some starting points for my own work, and to offer students as they begin their inquiries for class and projects.  Plus, as we continue to explore ways to bring together disparate thinkers such as scientists and artists, engineers and storytellers, sources like these fact sheets can help establish some basic common language and understandings for us all.

For those of us who work in “higher” education, this is exam time, followed by a winter break.  Classes will start in late January here at the University of Minnesota; other schools are on different calendars.  This post will be my last “River Talk” blog post for 2013; look for the series to start back up the second week of January, hopefully with some long-planned changes incorporated.  Nothing major, just tweaks to increase connectivity and try to spark up more comments and responses.


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