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There are a bewildering number of ways to get information about the Mississippi River.  Expand your concern from the evident, surficial issues associated with the river to the bigger, more systemic questions associated with the Mississippi’s role in regional water systems, and as a marker for broader water issues, and it’s quite possible to drown in information (yes, pun intended!).

We’re going to start a new feature “Friday Favorites” where our blog focuses on the blog of one of our partners.  We’ll tell you basically what our colleagues are writing about, where you can find them and some of the other means we use to keep track of them.

After that, it’s up to you.  Whether you manage your digital reading list through bookmarks, an aggregator function, or through some other approach (personally, I favor “random chance”), you’ll want to add these to your list.

We start with the blog associated with the Mississippi River Network’s 1 Mississippi campaign.  As the name indicates, there is one Mississippi River that we all share, whether we are farmers, city folks, recreational users, water managers, scholars, or whoever else is involved in this great conversation.

The Mississippi River Network brings together some 50 organizations, all of which have a concern about the health of the Mississippi River.  The range of particular interests, like the geographic distribution of the members, is vast.  Sometimes it seems that we spend half our time learning how to talk with each other!  But all of the members (which includes River Life) remain convinced that we can accomplish more together than we can as individual organizations.

As befits this broad organizational reach, the 1 Mississippi blog addresses a quite varied array of subjects.  Some posts, like the story about “Pirates on the Mississippi” are just fun to read about, while others call us to greater levels of action to try to improve the health of the river.  Follow the Network on Facebook at 1Mississippi and see the Twitter feed monitored by Outreach Coordinator Annette Anderson @AnnEssippi.

As a “point of entry” to the Mississippi River and issues around it, the 1 Mississippi blog is a great start.  But it’s only a start–stay tuned for next week’s Friday Favorite to see what else we’ve been reading!

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  1. Annette Anderson, 1 Mississippi Outreach CoordinatorJanuary 17, 2014 at 9:30 am

    Great Post Pat! I enjoy reading each of your insightful posts and was surprised and pleased to find 1 Mississippi is the focus of this one! We now have over 10,000 River Citizens, people who support 1 Mississippi’s mission to create a national voice for the Mighty Mississippi. We won’t stop advocating on its behalf until the River gets the recognition and protection it deserves as a national treasure and a drinking water source for 18 million Americans.

    Thank you for all the work you do.

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