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Friday Favorite; Blogroll Voices from the Mississippi Delta

February 7, 2014Patrick NunnallyProgram & AnnouncementsComments Off on Friday Favorite; Blogroll Voices from the Mississippi Delta

Everyone knows in at least an abstract way that the Mississippi River is a really big river.  That notion is really brought home for those of us near the headwaters by reading evocative, vivid writing from the other end of the river, the Mississippi Delta.

Writing in the Island 63 blog, my friend and colleague Mark River mentions getting on his mountain bike and riding off to his “special spot” along the Sunflower River on January 20, MLK Day.  And there’s a picture of him with Griot Arts Youth, some of them in shorts!  Maybe the photo wasn’t taken in December, but up here in Minnesota, not many of us are hardy enough to ride a mountain bike and sit on a riverbank in January!

There’s a lot more to learning about the Delta stretch of the river than climate differences, though, and Island 63 is just one of the blogs produced by John Ruskey (Driftwood Johnnie) and his collective group affectionately referred to as the “Mighty Quapaws.”   Island 63 amounts to a commmunity bulletin board, announcing music events, river clean ups and other comings and goings in Clarksdale, MS.

For those actively planning a canoe trip on the Delta stretch of the Mississippi River (or even dreaming of one) there is the “River Gator,” site for the Lower Mississippi River Water Trail.

Information on the Mighty Quapaw Canoe Company, including how to book a trip, is at

Described as a “deep-delta haven” for writers, artists and creative types, Big Island lives up to its name with multitudes of images, paintings, prose passages, and the like.  You could get lost in there!

The Quapaw Canoe Company and the Lower Mississippi River Foundation are both part of the Mississippi River Network, dedicated collectively to improving the health of the Mississippi River.



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