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Friday Favorites–blogroll, our Tweeps

If we take the term “blogroll” more loosely to mean the organizations and people we interact with through digital community, then the people whose work on Twitter we link to, and who link to us, are very significant members of that community.

Maybe more clear:  Instead of just keeping track of blogs we read and check regularly, our digital communities include people whose tweets we send along and who retweet our stuff. (Can you tell it’s been a long week?)

Here’s a partial list, with Twitter handle and other information as readily available, is who we have been communicating with this week.  It’s been a great week, with lively exchanges, and we thank all of these folks for the interactions!

@AnnEssippi   Annette Anderson Mississippi River enthusiast! 1 Mississippi Outreach Coordinator. Protect, preserve, conserve, canoe, bike, hike, rock climb or swim, enjoy the beauty!  Mississippi River ·

@MillCityTimes   News from the Central Riverfront Neighborhoods of Minneapolis. Minneapolis, MN Mill District ·

@NEMWIUpperMiss   Through Policy Analyst Mark Gorman, the Institute provides research and analysis to Mississippi River Basin stakeholders.  Washington, DC ·

@ndngenuity   American Indian advisor promoting indigenous ideas, perspectives, and solutions. Author of the Indigenous Cultural Landscape. Opinions expressed are mine only.  Chesapeake Bay watershed

@LandscapeObserv   Providing observations and information on the emerging fields of landscape scale conservation, heritage preservation, and sustainable community development.  Harrisburg,  Pennsylvania ·

@marcotty   Environmental reporter at the Minneapolis Star Tribune  Minneapolis ·

@RestoreDelta   Louisiana & the Mississippi River Delta lose a football field of land every hour. Follow us as we work to restore it. By @EnvDefenseFund,@NWF & @audubonsociety  Coastal Louisiana ·

@UMNIonE   The Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota is discovering solutions to Earth’s biggest environmental challenges.  St. Paul, MN ·

@mchlecarr   The Nature Conservancy of Illinois, State Director, Chicago, Nature’s Value, Freshwater, Urban Conservation, Working Mom  Chicago ·

@WaterPuppetry   water policy | rivers & maps | mind & time | bee kind | well being | CDNenv | Bhutan | @watercode @confluvium @drukwaterwheel  Canada ·

We’ve listened to many more people this month, and have been heard by many more.  These accounts, though, give a good account of who we’re in conversations with.

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  1. David Tinjum / Mill City TimesFebruary 24, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    Thanks for the listing Patrick. River Talk is one of the best resources for thoughtful content on the web for river geeks like us.

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