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Friday Favorite Blogroll: U of MN Institute for Advanced Study

March 21, 2014Patrick NunnallyProgram & AnnouncementsComments Off on Friday Favorite Blogroll: U of MN Institute for Advanced Study

There are many reasons for us to send a Friday shout out to the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) at the University of Minnesota.  The IAS has been our organizational home for close to two years now and has been a consistent backer of our work from the very beginning, in 2005.  In addition to being wholeheartedly in support of everything that we have done, their diverse and distinctive perspectives have added richness to our ideas, which can tend to get pretty narrow and linear at times.

But that doesn’t yet explain why we need to tell our reading/viewing public about the IAS.  Why should you–community partner, student participant, wherever you place yourself in our work–care about the IAS?

Easy, actually: the programs of the IAS, which are curated thoroughly on the web site linked above, are the best way possible to consider aspects of your interests that had not occurred to you before.  If your interest in the Mississippi River arises from a concern for water, search the IAS site for “water” and you’ll find pages and pages of links to everything from lectures about the role water may have played in the rise and fall of urban concentrations in Angkor Wat to our River Life stuff, to interviews with people who worked on issues associated with the BP Gulf of Mexico spill in 2010.

The same is true if your connection to us is through heritage/historical questions, through teaching, through questions about indigenous people, or any of the hundred and one other things we touch on.

A “one stop shop for the intellectually curious”: everyone needs that, right?  The IAS has it.  Go to the site, but put a timer on yourself; you may get lost in the richness.

Oh, yes–as they say on the game shows “But wait…there’s more!”  IAS (and River Life) are housed in Northrop Auditorium (now just “Northrop”) on the University’s East Bank campus.  After a multi-year renovation project, Northrop is re-opening in April with a lineup that matches the IAS’ work in its eclecticism. There’s everything from “A Prairie Home Companion” to modern dance (interesting combination there), readings, lectures, exhibitions, and several upcoming River Life events.  Learn more, buy tickets, and browse at the Northrop home page.


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