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Hold these Dates: There’s a Lot Going On!

March 31, 2014Patrick NunnallyEvents, Program & AnnouncementsComments Off on Hold these Dates: There’s a Lot Going On!

TS Eliot famously wrote that “April is the cruelest month” (and he wasn’t even from Minnesota, Land-of-Winter-that-will-not-end).  Certainly this April promises to be “the busiest month,” at least for people in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area who are interested in water and water issues.

To coincide with the month-long celebration of the re-opening of Northrop Auditorium on campus, we are hosting Water Walks every Tuesday at noon.  We’ll depart from the front steps of Northrop, on the East Bank campus, with the following subjects:

  • April 8  “The River, the Campus, the Park”  What does it mean that our campus is largely in a National Park?  Led by Pat Nunnally of River Life and Dan Dressler from NPS.
  • April 15:  “Steps Toward Clean, Abundant Water in Minnesota” Led by Miss Emily Lowery of the University group Students for Design Activism.
  • April 22:  “Bohemian Flats” The Community under the Bluff” led by Rachel Hines, independent scholar.
  • April 29:  TBA
  • May 6:     TBA
  • May 13:   TBA

But wait, there’s more!  River Life is hosting two evening events in Northrop:

“River Futures” where 14 students present the results of studies that imagine the future of the Twin Cities Mississippi River stretch in 50 years.  Will it be more urban?  A festival place?  Overrun with invasive species?  What about climate change?  Join us April 16 at 4:00 in Northrop’s Best Buy Theater to hear more about these exciting visions.

“The Irony of Carp,” a talk by Brian Ickes of the US Geological Survey, joined by a panel of innovative thinkers in diverse fields.  What might be some of the consequences if the various species known as Asian carp do come to infest our waterways?  How can we marshal community engagement and build resilience in nature to ward off these pests?  The program will be held April 21, beginning at 7:00 pm, in Northrop’s Best Buy Theater.

Learn more about events at Northrop by going to their home page.  River Life events are described more fully at our Events page.

River Life is also associated with an event taking place April 11 at Mill City Museum.  Watershed Event: Steps Toward Clean, Abundant Water in Minnesota will gather experts from across a spectrum of interests and perspectives on water.  Talks and interactive sessions, and screening of a film, will focus on necessary changes in perspective and action steps for solutions to our emerging water problems.

Finally, Conservation Minnesota and a number of other organizations are putting together the State of Water Conference, “]Minnesotans Protecting our Lakes and Rivers.”  The dates are May 1-2, and the location is Cragun’s resort near Brainerd, a couple hours north of the Twin Cities.

Don’t tell my students, but the next month looks like one of those times where there’s as much learning going on outside the classroom as there is in class, for a grade!



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