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Friday Favorite Blogroll: Northeast-Midwest Institute Mississippi River Basin blog

April 11, 2014Patrick NunnallyFormer Featured Posts, Program & AnnouncementsComments Off on Friday Favorite Blogroll: Northeast-Midwest Institute Mississippi River Basin blog

I’ve been doing varieties of Mississippi River work for almost 20 years now, and I’ve always had a sense that there’s a profound split between two basic camps of river enthusiasts.  On one hand are the folks “out here in the corridor,” those of use who live and work in states, counties, and towns that abut the Mississippi and who have immediate, sometimes tangible knowledge of what’s going on out here on the ground.  On the other hand are folks in Washington DC who know firsthand the policies, programs, and personnel in the heart of the federal government that so profoundly affect the river.

I’ll confess to seeing the local as more important than the federal for most of my career, sometimes for cause, but usually just out of narrow provincialism.  More recently, while I still think a lot of DC-based people can become DC-centric, I have adopted much more of a “both/and” recognition that it takes all of us to try to make the river more sustainable and inclusive.

Which brings me to this week’s featured site in our blogroll review, the Northeast-Midwest Institute’s Mississippi River Basin blog, curated by policy analyst Mark Gorman.

I’ll keep this simple:  if you’re interested at all in the Mississippi River, this is the place to start.  Among a small handful of “must read” sources, this probably ranks first.

Clear enough?

In case you want more details, we might try a checklist:

Calendar of river events from a policy and agency perspective?  Check.

Summary of posts on Twitter (usually with links) on fourteen particular policy and management subjects?  Check.

“Last Word” drawn from music, literature, the arts and other realms, based on something current in the world of river news?  Check.

Do yourself a favor–go read the blog, follow Gorman at @NEMWIUpperMiss, and wonder how you got along this far without knowing all of what he has to offer.


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