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And So It Begins: Upper St. Anthony Lock to Close in 2015?

May 14, 2014Patrick NunnallyRiversComments Off on And So It Begins: Upper St. Anthony Lock to Close in 2015?

Buried in today’s newspaper article about progress on the federal water infrastructure bill is this sentence:  “The lock and dam would close one year after the legislation is enacted.”  Passage of the bill is considered a shoo-in, and likely to happen in the next week or so, which would mark sometime in 2015 as seeing the closing of the Upper Lock at St. Anthony Falls.

I have to say, if this does happen on that timetable, it will be much faster than I thought it could be done.  Good thing I don’t make my living guessing about Congress!

The timetable offers a window into a deeper set of questions:  what next, and what needs to be thought of, by whom?  Read the article and you’ll recognize that opinions are sharply divided on the advisability of this closure.

Here’s my invitation/request:  write a Comment (keep it civil) making the case for what we should be thinking about, learning, researching, considering right now since the lock closure is apparently imminent.  I have participated in a couple of conversations about this, so I know there’s thinking going on.

The timetable for closing the lock should begin shortly; let’s spend that time thinking clearly about what is being done, what are the advantages, what are the disadvantages, what additional opportunities may be opened, what constraints should we be careful of.  Environmental issues, economic issues, social implications, educational opportunities–all seem reasonable subjects.

I look forward to learning from you.


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