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Bruce Chamberlain to be Inaugural Minneapolis Parks Fellow

The efforts to plan and design open space along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis received a substantial boost this week with the announcement that Bruce Chamberlain would be the inaugural Minneapolis Parks Fellow.  As Fellow, Chamberlain will concentrate on the Water Works project in the Central Riverfront, and the Halls Island/Scherer site in Northeast.

The role of Parks Fellows is to connect the broad vision of new park development with the strategic planning that bridges the project through to construction.  Chamberlain, a former Assistant Superintendent for Planning at the Minneapolis Park Board and vice president of a local planning and design firm, brings great skills and expertise to the role.

The Mill City Times post on Chamberlain’s appointment contains the press release from the Minneapolis Parks Foundation, and the Parks Foundation’s web site covers the story as well.

As a long-time participant in riverfront planning, design, and program activities, I particularly appreciate Chamberlain’s skill at listening to diverse perspectives and ensuring that all feel that they have been heard and respected.  This habit of deep engagement may slow a project down initially, but is absolutely essential for community acceptance of new projects in such valued landscapes as the Mississippi Riverfront.


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  1. Phyllis MessengerFebruary 12, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    Collaboration with communities is hard work and essential. Reminds me of an article I just finished reading by Joe Watkins, National Park Service archaeologist, on working internationally with indigenous groups (Nov. 2014, Advances in Archaeological Practices, Society for American Archaeology).

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