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Healing, Place, Water: Three Concepts that Fit

June 2, 2015Patrick NunnallyRiver MeaningComments Off on Healing, Place, Water: Three Concepts that Fit

I was fortunate to be at a remarkable event last week, the first All Partners” gathering of the Healing Place Collaborative (HPC).  HPC is a Native-artist led initiative, but the participants are not all Native, nor are they all artists.  Instead, it seems that the common thread connecting all of us is a commitment to the multiple possibilities contained in the terms Healing, Place, and Water.

Put those terms together in varying combinations: We heal places; places heal us.  Water is healing, and also needs to be healed.  Places are defined by water, but also define the context that surrounds water.  Many possibilities; not soon exhausted.

I hesitate to start listing and naming individuals and organizations that were participating, for fear of leaving someone out and diminishing the richness of the ideas.  Go to the web site, follow the “About” link, and you’ll find an impressive array of talent, mission, and experience.  And that doesn’t even include everyone who participated last week!  Browse around the site; you’ll find lots to reflect on.

You’ll hear more from us about the HPC group; this is one of the most promising collective initiatives taking place that I know of.

But you won’t hear more from us for a while; we’re taking a break for a bit.  The campus is quiet with most students and nearly all faculty off doing other things.  We’ll be here most of the summer, and may post occasionally when there is something that particularly strikes us.  We’ll continue to be active on Twitter using @RiverLifeUMN.  More regular postings will resume after Labor Day.

Enjoy your summer–get out on the River!


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