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Open Rivers Issue 3: Water, Art, and Ecology

August 9, 2016Patrick NunnallyProgram & AnnouncementsComments Off on Open Rivers Issue 3: Water, Art, and Ecology

We are very pleased to announce that Issue 3 of our online journal Open Rivers: Rethinking the Mississippi is now available.  Read it online and/or download PDFs (either of the entire issue or of particular parts).

This issue is largely oriented around a theme of “Water, Art, and Ecology.”  A year ago, as she was finishing her term as postdoctoral fellow with our Mellon-funded grant “Making the Mississippi,” Nenette Luarca-Shoaf suggested that maybe an issue could be devoted to recent artistic expressions of water.  She was in the middle of organizing a session of the 2015 Southeastern College Art Conference on “Fluid Currents: Water, Art, and Ecology,” and she thought some of the talks might lend themselves to this format.

Indeed they do.  Articles such as Jayne Wilkinson’s “Liquid Economies: Networks of the Anthropocene” both broaden and deepen out reach.  Wilkinson’s work considers waters from across the world and places images of these waters in popular and social discourses of environmental change, concerns about catastrophic climate alteration, and urgencies for action.  People whose daily work focuses on the future(s) of the Mississippi River would do well to gain insights from thoughtful, provocative treatments of other waters and issues that are connected to ours here, even though they appear far afield.

We’d like to think of this issue of Open Rivers as defining a particular, rich spot on a spectrum of publications on water.  Many of the features are grounded in humanist intellectual and scholarly conversations, though they address much broader issues.  They are all accessible to educated, informed, laypeople, although some of the necessarily specific language can be a reach for people not working in these particular fields.  But all of these pieces inform our broad project of understanding our relationships with water much more deeply and, from those understandings, formulating more sustainable and inclusive programs, policies, and research/teaching agendas.

Happy reading!  We would love to hear comments, either through the Comments feature here or to me directly at pdn@edu.  If you have suggestions for future issues or articles, we always welcome those as well.

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