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Articles, blogs, and other resources on hydrology, aquatic ecology, and related areas of knowledge.

Practices in engineering, policy, advocacy, and politics.  The ‘how you make it happen’ of river work.

Stories, public art, design, and other expressions of the meaning and meanings of rivers.

Mississippi River Gorge Restoration Report

Chris Lenhart’s Gorge Restoration Report Summary (PDF) explores the scientific issues involved in managing the future of the Mississippi River Gorge. Click here for the full Gorge Restoration Report (PDF).

National Park Service, Water Quality in the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River in the Twin Cities is an impaired water resource, the improvement of which is important to the future use of the river in this urban area.

Common Ground

This 2007 document from the National Park Service (PDF) describes how parks can be sites of civic engagement; that is, places where the meaning of community is made evident.  We see river locations as having the same potential.

Imagine the Mississippi

These visions will spark thinking about our future use and relationship to this river.

Student Resources

See the River Life Atlas for Learning from the Landscape: Campus, City, Region.

Download the classic Mississippi River Newsletters by Bill Morrish of the Design Center for American Urban Landscape (now the Metropolitan Design Center) at the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (now the College of the Design) at the University of Minnesota.

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