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Atlas of Federal and State Owned Land on the River by Quinn Feller, 2014

This collection that illustrates the boundaries of Federal and State owned land along the Mississippi River with links to web sites relating to those areas when available. The collection spans the entire length of the river, and is limited to areas that direct abut the river itself.

University of Minnesota River Walks, 2014

Student work envisioning a new and crisp digital home for River Life’s River Walks program.

River Journey by Megan Trehey, 2014

Exploring the intersection between the beauty and truth of the Mississippi River that is central to our daily lives here in the Twin Cities. Features local eco artist Peter L. Johnson.

Climate Change by Phoebe Ward, 2014

Student Guest Blog Posts, 2012-13

Those of us fortunate enough to spend time teaching realize that our students–the river leaders who will follow us–have a lot of talent.  They’re learning their way around the issues, and haven’t fully found their voice and their role yet, but the students we’re lucky enough to work with are passionate about making change in the world and committed both to learning what needs to happen and trying to make those changes.  Learning AND doing, that “both/and” thing I find myself thinking about so much.

Early in 2013, River Talk will gave some space to some of the most interesting new voices we’ve heard recently.  These five young people were all students in Pat Nunnally’s Honors Seminar during fall, 2012, “Living Sustainably with the Mississippi River.”  These students featured here aren’t the only ones who wrote good blog posts, but had the best combination, we think, of choosing an important topic and addressing it with a distinctive voice and sense of themselves.

Atlas of Publicly Funded Projects in Minneapolis by Jeremy Edwards, 2012-13

Jeremy developed this collection that illustrates the boundaries of publicly funded projects in Minneapolis by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization.

Imagine the Mississippi, 2010

30 Ways to Transform the Riverfront.

This project proposes 30 design ideas to improve the quality of Minneapolis’ riverfront, striving to create a world class public space, enriching the economic, social and environmental well being of its community. Focusing on the riverfront between Boom Island in the north and the University of Minnesota campus in the south, the proposals outlined in this project serve as a social catalyst by creating a clear vision for what “could be.” Beyond this exhibit, this project aims to spur social discourse surrounding what could be one of the most compelling and vibrant riverfronts in the world.

Report compiled by a consortium funded by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program at the University of Minnesota. Work produced by: Vanessa Abin-Fuentes, Jon Bucholtz, Daniel Carlson, Andy Cleven, Julia Hill, Emma Johnson, Kevin Lang, Jonathan Kischkel, Mike Nickerson, Alisha Roland, Laura Schlifer and Davidson Ward.

Download Imagine the Mississippi.

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