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Spring flooding in river valleys is a perennial problem. Floods in the spring of 2011 were predicted to perhaps surpass historical records in locations along the Mississippi River between St. Paul, MN and Davenport, IA. River Life put together some of the key web sites to track flood progress, and reaction, throughout the region, and in rivers such as the Red, the St. Croix, and the Minnesota, as well, perhaps, as Iowa rivers that feed the Mississippi. Here, we gather community voices, historic flood images, and other cultural and scientific data sources.

Please note, these pages are not a substitute for emergency updates, road closure notifications, or “official flood information.” Some of the featured links play that official role in some locations, but not all. This page is simply intended as a resource for much of the rich and diverse information generated by the floods of 2011.

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Research & Policy Organizations

Governmental, scientific and academic organizations play a critical role in flood planning, response, and recovery. With varied roles across issuing warnings and alerts, to studying the climate, predicting the weather, and coordinating inter-agency responses, these diverse agencies provide a huge number of academic and governmental resources to help residents and flood responders stay informed and make responsible decisions for today and the future.

Social Media & News

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs and more traditional news organizations play an important role in the flooding information cycle. Starting with direct observations of the floods, as time goes by these give way to reflection, introspection and planning for the future. The human voice is critical here in understanding past decisions, present circumstances, and in strong decision-making for the future.

River Life’s Coverage

River Atlas – River Life’s own River Atlas is a series of Google Earth maps about rivers, people, and projects. Note in particular the River Floods collection that starts to coalesce the different kinds of information we use to record and remember floods.

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