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Governmental and academic organizations play a critical role in flood planning, response, and recovery. With varied roles across issuing warnings and alerts, to studying the climate, predicting the weather, and coordinating inter-agency responses, these diverse agencies provide a huge number of academic and governmental resources to help residents and flood responders stay informed and make responsible decisions for today and the future. Be sure to visit the Flood Forum’s Social Media, News, and Regional Resources or return to the Flood Forum for more information!

City Resources

Louisiana Environment and Flood Control

Highlighting photos and media from the New Orleans, Louisiana, this excellent resource discusses environmental issues, coastal restoration, and flood control projects as well as covering the Mississippi River flood of 2011.

For more information and timely updates, follow @nolanews on Twitter.

The Great Memphis Flood of 2011:

With resources, flood maps, webcams, photos, news, flood stages, road closings, and announcements, this is a comprehensive site for updates and information on the floods in Memphis, Tennessee. For more information and timely updates, follow @MemphisFlood on Twitter.

Scientific Resources

USGS WaterWatch

This is a clear summary of the nationwide status of most water issues. At a glance you can see how the nation is faring with floods, drought, streamflow, and runoff.

National Hydrologic Assessment

Clear and direct information about the spring flooding season and its national impacts. The upper Mississippi River is listed here in the “Above Average and High Flood Risk Areas” section.

National Weather Service Advance Hydrologic Prediction Service

This page offers detail-rich and up-to-date flood warnings, observations and forecasts. Their official statement is “Conditions are favorable for spring flooding over large sections of the United States, from the Northern Plains through the Midwest and eastward to New England.”

Governmental Resources

US Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi Valley Division

See news and updates from the USACE including levee flood risk information. More specific information can be found at the pages for the St. Paul District and the Rock Island District 2011 Flood Response Information.

City of St Paul Flood Preparations

Here you can see how St. Paul is planning for and reacting to the flood waters. Be sure to check out the River Cam.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

“There are several factors that are pointing towards major spring flooding along many of Minnesota’s rivers and streams.”

Wetlands Reserve Program

The USDA announced on April 20, 2011, that up to $10 million will be available to help eligible landowners in the Red River Valley Watershed reduce flooding, restore wetlands, and enhance wildlife habitat.

Memphis Flood Help

Resources for storm victims including information on federal disaster aid, transportation, safety, agriculture, volunteering and donations.

USGS : Flooding Spring 2011

Following predictions that the snowmelt would cause significant flooding in the plains and the upper midwest, extreme rainfall is now contributing to flooding. See this page of comprehensive USGS flood coverage and

State Emergency Operations Center, Spring 2011 Flooding

Provided by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security and Emergency Management, this site provides detailed situation reports, photo galleries of flyovers, contact information and related links.

See also Fall 2010 Storms and Flooding.

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Up to date information on road closures as well as maps of flood affected regions.

Warnings and Alerts

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service issues warnings and advisories for weather related hazards around the U.S. The National Flood Warnings page gives us information about floods nationwide, and the Minnesota page keeps us up to date with local conditions. See also: River Observations and River Forecasts

Minnesota Enhanced Flood Forecast/Warning System

A project of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, this site provides up to date information on how full our rivers and streams are, and helps predict when floods or high-water conditions will occur.

Minnesota Department of Transportation 511 Traveler Information

This continually updated resource has road closure information for U.S. and Interstate routes in Minnesota. For county road closures, the DNR’s Floods 2011 page is the place to go.

Academic Resources

University of Minnesota ExtensionExtreme Weather : Floods

Extension has a strong history of providing a coordinated disaster response effort for Minnesotans, and these online resources to help people prepare for and recover from floods is a key part of that.

Science Museum of Minnesota

The Science Museum has set up their 2011 flood coverage page complete with Twitter feed detailing the current flood stage. They’ve still got a lot of resources on their 2010 page, Rising waters in Minnesota.

Iowa Flood Center

Convened in response to the devastating 2008 floods, they host a range of flood-related research and education projects. Their video, Living with Floods highlights their excellent work on how to live responsibly near rivers. Note also their Iowa Flood Information System.

U of M Moment – Geography plays a big role in Red River flooding

This video nicely describes the issues in the Red River Valley that lead to the almost yearly spring flooding.

Though this page is intended to be both helpful and useful, it is not a substitute for emergency updates, road closure notifications, or “official flood information.”


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