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Who are River Rangers?

River Rangers are students who want to make the Mississippi River a substantial part of their educational and career development experience while at the University.

River Rangers: enhancing the student experience, protecting the river, strengthening the community.

What do River Rangers do?

River Rangers get on the ground—or should we say ‘on the water’—experience with the river – from invigorating snowshoe hikes to summertime canoe trips. River Rangers also gain valuable expertise through classes, specialized study programs, capstone/thesis projects, community service projects, internships and more.

Why become a River Ranger? Why support the program?

The next generation of river leaders will need to be knowledgeable in river science, planning, design, management of river-related places, and in engagement with river communities and populations.

The University of Minnesota graduates some 15,000 bright, idealistic young people every year, many of whom are passionate about making our world–here at home and farther afield–a better place.

These community leaders can gain hands-on experience with a variety of community and natural resource issues through involvement with River Rangers.

Students: Experience

Join us! By becoming a River Ranger you can make the Mississippi River part of your student experience through snowshoeing, hiking, biking, canoeing, as well as through classwork, internships, and projects!  Be sure to join the River Rangers group on Facebook!

Visit the students page to learn how to join us on, around, and about the river!

Faculty: Inspire

Help inspire the next generation of leaders, managers, scientists, artists, and river rats!

Stay tuned to learn how your research and teaching might fit into the broader River Rangers program!

Partners: Engage

Build on your community relationships and engage with the student body to inspire and teach our future leaders, and help build a responsible citizenry from the ground-up!

Stay tuned to see how our River Rangers can work with you to make a better tomorrow for all of us!

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