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#TBT: Mississippi/Minneapolis-before the Park

This photograph from the Minnesota Historical Society's collections is dated August 1980, which means it shows some of the most heavily-visited sections of the Minneapolis riverfront as they appeared 36 years ago.  Industrial-scale milling had largely disappeared from the area, but much of the

Open Rivers Issue 3: Water, Art, and Ecology

We are very pleased to announce that Issue 3 of our online journal Open Rivers: Rethinking the Mississippi is now available.

#TBT: the Memphis Riverfront when "Cotton Was King"

This image, from the collections of the Library of Congress, dates from 1942.  The long sweep of the wharf was the platform for loading and unloading cotton, the dominant crop from the Mid South's agricultural economy for more than a century.

Both of my

A Mississippi River National Historic Trail?

This article on the Captai

#TBT: Evolution of the Iconic Landscape at the Mississippi Headwaters.

Vacations are in full swing across the country now, and Itasca State Park in Minnesota remains a destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.