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#TBT: Big Changes Coming to Mississippi River in Minneapolis

It’s “Throwback Thursday” even if the recall only goes back to this summer, right?  And yes, I understand the irony of “throwback” discussions of changes coming in the future.

The confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers, known to the Dakota who are indigenous to this place as “Bdote,” is a complex, many-layered landscape of biological and geological systems, overlaid by human memory and layers of settler colonialist

What We’ve Been Reading—Places Journal

One of the great things about this job is that I get to read all kinds of different things.

This detail of an image from the 1920s shows the University campus built out to the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.

#TBT: Fun With Maps

Maps are, of course, many-layered documents that often hide as much as they reveal.  While maps and mapping is likely to be a recurring theme in this blog, today’s subject concerns just one map: th

The University of Minnesota hasn’t always oriented toward the Mississippi River, as this early 20th century postcard view of the campus, now East Bank campus, shows.

“River Talk” but what’s it Really About?

Over the summer we transferred the River Talk blog and River Life’s web site from Wordpress to Drupal, in accord with a broader shift at the University of Minnesota.  The summer hiatus gave us a ch

View across the Mississippi River to Minneapolis in the St Anthony Falls Heritage District.

TBT: March for Science Should Highlight Indigenous Science

From April 18, 2017- Saturday’s Earth Day March for Science is gaining worldwide attention.

Low level aerial of UMN Campus and Mississippi River, Metropolitan Design Center

TBT: River Life: Place, Water, Community

Over the past few months, River Life has found its focus shifting a bit - Since 2005, we have worked to raise the visibility of the Mississippi River, particularly on the campus of the University o