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Low level aerial of UMN Campus and Mississippi River, Metropolitan Design Center

TBT: River Life: Place, Water, Community

Over the past few months, River Life has found its focus shifting a bit - Since 2005, we have worked to raise the visibility of the Mississippi River, particularly on the campus of the University o

View across the Mississippi River to Minneapolis in the St Anthony Falls Heritage District.

#TBT: On Communities of Color and National Parks

Beginning this last February, Black History Month, but continuing far beyond it, this blog will be taking up issues of diversity, inclusion and equity as they pertain to water and “water landscapes

View of the bottomlands along the Mississipi River

#TBT: Climate Change, Heritage, and the “Future(s) of the Past”

Climate change poses a whole host of problems for all of us (whether we acknowledge them or not), but some of those problems have not gotten as much attention as others.

Historic photograph showing Megalops, the research vessel, on the Mississippi River.

#TBT: Megalops in the Blufflands Region c. 1900

Today’s image is from the collections at the University of Minnesota Archives.

Indians spearing fish

#TBT: 1997 "Someone Should Do Something With the Mississippi River"

I hope you will forgive a slightly self-indulgent post this time: the trajectory of project and program work that has become River Life began 20 years ago this month, in May, 1997.

Innovative Knowledge Sharing and New Relations to Place

It sometimes surprises our community partners when they learn how "non-placed" much of University scholarship is.